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Amy Brown
11 May 2008 @ 02:22 pm
flowers, grapes, o malleys, road trip, desert and perth...
Alot has happened since my last entry and im not quite sure where to start! Im still in Australia, which was not really the plan but thats travelling for ya. Im working in Perth and living in an apartment right in the centre :) im actually at work now and it is stupidly quiet, havent served someone for about 2 hours!

So i last left it in Redcliff with no money and no work! i did do a days work there, we worked all day picking grapes. Me and jackie were the fastest pickers that day,the farmer even came up to us and asked if we would come back cos we were so good. So you would think that we wouldhave made loadsa money .... $27!!! so when the farmer asked if we were going back the next day we said no and he went off in a strop - as if!!

I had friends from melbourne coming to redcliff to work with us but they were put in a hostel in Mildura called Oasis. They managed to get me and my friend sally in there too so we got out of redcliff and down the road to mildura. The plan was to stay there for a couple of weeks and then i would go to new zealand and then fly home. 7 weeks later i left mildura with the plan to work in perth and then fly to thailand!! how things change...

when we arrived at oasis we got an awesome job straight away. It was hourle payed in a flower farm. We would start at 630, plant bulbs or water or bunch flowers and finish at 230. after a couple of weeks me and sally moved into a house which was part of the hostel, we became good mates with everyone in the house so when we got back from work we would drink or just chill and watch the tv or go to pizza hut for all you can eat for $7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the weekends we would go to an irish bar called omalleys and get wasted, there was a story to tell after every outing :)

The time finally came to leave mildura and i was gutted!!! the weekend that i left was very messy, alot of drink was consumed and not alot of sleep was had. I left with Sally (who i met in melbourne), Julia (gorgeous russian i worked with at the flower farm) and Tom (someone sally met in sydney who came to meet us). We got a bus to melbourne which was very emotional, me and julia both left 'someone' behind.

It was really good to be back in melbourne, especially kings street. I got my medical done there to extend my visa and then it was St Paddys day!!! it started off at Odonnells (met him in mildura on my last weekend) aptmnt, which was well nice!!!! we had breakfast and then headed to the pub :) i managed to get a few vodka lemon and limes in before heading to the nfl match (Melbourne vs new zealand) with everyone from king street. After that it was back to the pub for a messy night with odonnell who needed minding after a certain point!!! It was a really good day, did not enjoy getting up the next day for my medical!!!

We got a bus to Adelaide after a few days. Wasnt too impressed with adelaide to be honest, it rained alot! we picked up a 4wd from Britz to relocate to Perth. Me and Tom were so impressed when we saw it, we expected some old banger but it was a huge toyota 4wd with a fridge and everything!!!

The road trip took 6 days. It was me, Julia, sally and tom. me and tom were the only ones that could drive but i didnt mind that cos i would have got bored if i couldnt drive. we drove all day every day, left by about 9 in the morning and stopped at dark cos all the kangaroos were coming out. We stayed in cabins in caravan parks which were awesome, we did not wanna go back to hostels when we got back. We drove across the Nullabor desert which was a whole load of nothing for 2 days but was really cool, was good to get back to civilisation again, and to get fone signal :) the annoying thing was that it was easter weekend that we did the trip and NOTHING is open over easter in australia, not even a bloody pub, whats that all about ey??!! we did stay in some dodgy places though, but then again we stayed in some awesome places too. One place we went to seemed really creepy!! we went for a run and me and sally decided to play on the sand dunes instead and o my god they were awesome, it was so so gorgeous, if only every run was like that!!!

we finally rocked up into perth just in time. I had $17 in my bank account so was DESPERATE for money!!! we dropped off the car and when i was waiting i asked the woman behind the desk if she knew how i cuold get a job. next thing iknew i was having an interview and i managed to get me and julia a job, and here i am :)

we have been in perth for nearly 2 months now, worked nearly everyday so getting some good money. I had my birthday here which was awesome, was spoilt by friends here and from everyone at home :) got a trip to melbourne planned at the beginning of july, already got Wicked tickets for it, cant wait :)

Right, gotta go, customers....
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Amy Brown
30 January 2008 @ 01:55 pm
more fun in melbourne
Well the fun didnt stop there in Melbourne. I was supposed to get work and leave that weekend, but i could get work til the monday. I wasnt too annoyed cos it meant a few more days of watching tennis, not in the grounds but still watching it.

So that Friday night was the Roddick match. It went to 5 sets and was 6 all in the fifth...then federation square stopped its coverage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wot a place to stop it?? we ran around melbourne looking for somewhere that shows it but couldnt, in the end i had to call my brother who found out that Roddick had lost about 5 minutes after the coverage had stopped - grrr.....

Saturday was the Hewitt vs Baghdatis match. it didnt even start til 1130pm so we found a cafe that showed it and was open all night so we went there. thank god we did find it cos the match didnt finish until 445am!!!! now that i hard cre tennis watching!!

The next day we had abreak from tennis and got drunk in PJs at night instead :) it was a good night and i got very drunk but thankfully the only embarrassing thing i did was dance.

Monday igot a fone call from harvest hotline saying that they had found me work and that i had to leave on tuesday. So it was my last day in Melbourne and i wanted to make the most of it, so me, Laura and Andy got Ground tickets and went to the Open one last time. And wot a day to pick, we saw Blake followed by Jamie Murray which was ace. He lost, again, which sucked but was good to see him. We then got a spot in Garden Square to watch the night time match on the big screen. There was loads of people there and it was a great atmosphere. The match was Djokovic vs Hewitt and Djokovic was the only player i liked still in the competition so i went against the whole of the ground and supported him...and he won :) it was brilliant and at the end of it i was a huge fan and he was very close to being my new favourite player.
So we were on the tram going back and i was gutted about leaving the next morning, especially as i heard there was hardly any work that week and cos i was loving the tennis way too much. Laura and Nigel then persuaded me to stay until the end!!! so i wasnt leaving Melbourne after all

The next day i called the farming place and told them i wasnt going until the following monday, they were annoyed but i didnt care.

So i had a week of GREAT tennis and my new player, Novak Djokovic!!! He got to the semi finals where he had to play Federer. And if anybody knows anything about tennis they know that Federer was by far the favourite. But no, Djokovic beat him in 3 straight sets which was amazing!!!!!!!! i watched it in Fed Square which was full of federer fans. I was so excited that someone i liked was in a grand slam final :) He was going to play Tsonga who got to the finals by beating both Murray and Nadal!

Final day came and we decided to get grounds tickets and watch it in Garden Square. It was jam packed and cos tsonga was the under dog everybody was supposrting him. So i got my face painted and got in the mood. When we got there me and Sally decided to go for a walk where we saw Djokovic practice which was amazing cos hardly anybody was there!!!!!!
It was a brilliant match and so so tense. Tsonga won the first set which annoyed me but Djokovic came back to win it 3-1 :) my voice hurt so much afterwards cos of all the shouting but my god it was brilliant :) i am so happy he won :-D So i am definately i Djokovic fan now!!!

And now i am in Red Cliffs just outside Mildura which is alright, just a picking town really. Havent had work for 2 days which is worrying cos i am in desperate need of money!!!!!!!!! If i dont get any good work soon it is home in the next 2 weeks :(

I miss the tennis :(

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Amy Brown
18 January 2008 @ 01:35 pm
Crazy week in Melbourne
Ok, since my last entry everything has been crazy!!! Heres a day by day

Monday - First day of Aussie Open
Was soooo excited cos I knew Andy Murray was on my court. Got there, sat down to see Baker play and behind me was Andy Roddick practicing :) good start! Unfortunately Baker lost to Karlovic but he wasnt expected to win to be honest.
Then i went to the Rod Laver Arena to see Andy. He lost! need i say more really, was rubbish. he lost 3-1, was asleep for the forst 2 sets woke up in the third then went back to sleep. Ok rubbish is a bit harsh, Tsonga was really good, im just annoyed that he lost.

That night was neighbours night :) being in a bad mood due to Andy loosing i got quite drunk!! I met Libby, Karl, Dylan and Declan. I had no idea who Declan was but once isaw him i knew id be watching more of neighbours!!!! got some ace pics and was an ace night :) Karl was actually really good with his band!

Tuesday - 2nd day of tennis
Nothing hugely exciting happened on this day, saw Djokovic who was really good and his interview afterwards was funny. Saw Safin play and win which was brilliant, i do like him :)

Wednesday - hard core tennis day
Had tickets for Vodafone in the day and Rod Laver at night so a full day of tennis. In the day i didnt see anyone too exciting really, saw some great tennis though! The night session was soooo good!!! Sharapova beat Davnport and then came Andy Roddick. He won in straight sets but it was a brilliant match and roddick was entertaining as always. The atmostphere at night time was so much different, i loved it!

Thursday - last tennis day :(
Well.... i went in and had a walk around the outside courts. I saw Jankovic practicing and who is standing next to me??? JAMIE MURRAY!!! so i spoke to him and got my foto with him which put a huge smile on my face! I then went to watch Jamie play and who was standing there??? ANDY MURRAY so also met and got a foto with him! THEN i went to Vodafone arena and on the way i see Andy Roddick practicing .......... TOPLESS!!! yes you heard me! i went all funny and took ALOT of fotos! Later i saw Andy Murray praticing topless and he should do that more often!!!
After seeing Djokovic and Nalbandian i left. That night was Safin vs Bagdatis on Rod Laver which was an awesome match. I went to Federation Square with some people from my hostel and saw it there, would have loved to have been on the court

Now im in Melbourne and have no idea wot to do, desperately need to find work which might mean flying to perth, we will have to see!!!! ooo, wander wot my next entry will be about....exciting cos i have no idea!!!

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Amy Brown
12 January 2008 @ 03:08 pm
I am in Melbourne now and it is completely different to Sydney, so much quieter and more laid back.

I havent got long on the net so im just gonna rush through the stuff we have done, but each could have an entry of its own!

*Great Ocean Road
Awesome! did a day trip which i think was enough. Went o Torquay and Angelsea (sound familiar??) which were just sea side towns, not very exciting. But once we got the the apostles and Loch Ard Gorge it was amazing. It is so so gorgeous there. Just managed to see the sunset at the 12 apostles, was worth the mad dash to get there on time - running in Flip Flops is not recommended!!!

Went on a neighbours tour. Went to Erinsborough High and i didnt recognise any of it! but then went to the street which was soooo cool. i was standing on Ramsay Street :) Met Genelle in St Kilda afterwards and she was so so miserable. It was really hot that day so she was just moaning about the heat, got pics and then she left. but was a good day :)

*Phillip Island
We went wine tasting (dont like wine but had a go), a wildlife park (where an Emu nearly bit my hand off) and then the penguin parade :) this is where you sit at the side of a beach and when the sun goes down the worlds smallest penguins come out of the sea, walk up the beach and go to there little houses/burrows :) they are so small and so so sweet. Was definately worth the wait in the cold. Could have stayed there alot longer but had to get the bus - which we were late for :-/ but awesome, i want a penguin :)

Tonight is the Moonlight cinema and then monday .....AUSTRALIAN OPEN - i cant begin to say how excited i am for that!!!

But all in all im loving it and have remembered why i love travelling so much!!!!!

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Amy Brown
05 January 2008 @ 10:55 am
Happy new year to everyone!

NYE in Sydney Harbour was brilliant, had to wait 10 hours in the harbour for a good spot but the fireworks were definately worth it. We were kitted out with crisps, rice cakes and lots of magazines :) werent allowed to take booze in though which is a bit of a bummer. But with the whole jet lag thing its probably best i didnt drink cos wouldnt have made it to the fireworks. They were soooo awesome though, we were standing next to the opera house so had a brilliant view of the bridge and the fireworks that went off right next to the opera house. The finale was awesome, fireworks coming from everywhere - the buildings around the harbour, the bridge, the opera house, boats on the harbour - awesome!

Since new year i have been to Manly, Coogee and Bondai which were all ace. Didnt really see Manly properly before but it is really nice. Will probably stay there if i am ever in Sydney again.

I met up with Pip who i met in the Blue Mountains last February and then worked with in Home Hill. Was so good to see him and catch up again!!! Also met up with Meaghan who i new from my very first day in Sydney, I spent new year with her and we got extremely drunk in my hostel room on her last night :) ha ha, it was a good laugh!! ergh....wont be drinking vodka and orange juice for a while though.

So now im just waiting for my flight to Melbourne. Really excited about going down there cos everyone says ace things about it. Got the Great Ocean Road to do, Neighbours, Penguins and ofcourse...the Australian Open. Can not wait for that, gonna be soooooo good!!!!!!!!!

Then im not sure wot im gonna do. Options are to fly up to Perth, fruit pick for 4 weeks until my visa runs out and then fly over to New Zealand and spend the money ive earnt and then fly home. Or...just travel arouns aus until my money runs out and fly home. Problem is that i have been very very very home sick this time so sometimes i wanna do one option and other times wanna do the other, we will see!

Anyway, i really am ranting now. Must go and try and sort my stupid hotmail out!!!

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Amy Brown
30 December 2007 @ 10:50 pm
Back in Australia
Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good christmas!!!

Well im back in Australia! i know i have been rubbish in keeping this up to date but im gonna try really hard to keep this updated now im back!

Well the run up to leaving was completely different to last time, there wasnt any big send off and cos of christmas and other stuff there wasnt really any big goodbyes. So to be honest i wasnt really prepared when i left and now its hit me that ive gone and im very hone sick!!! but im sure that will clear once im into it :)

So far i havent done much. The flights were alright, first was to Honk Kong and then the second to Sydney.I just tried to sleep most of the way really. Watched Stardust, Bourne Ultimatum and some of Hairspray. Food was mingin though - Cathay Pacific, not impressed!!! i mean who has beef stir fry for breakfast???!!!

Sydney is lovely and hot :) i got slightly sun burnt today and am quite worried about spending all day in it tomoro at the harbour. It NYE so we are gonna go to the harbour for the fireworks which will be awesome. Hopefully il be more awake tomoro though

Right i must go and try and sort out my hotmail. It isnt lettin me log in which is really scary!!!! i cant do without some of the emails on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i must SLEEP - its kinda the word of the trip so far, my room mates must think thats all i do!!!

Anyway, if im not on here before i hope you all have a happy new year wot ever you are doing and where ever you are

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Amy Brown
13 October 2007 @ 05:30 pm
does anybody know about fruit picking work around melbourne??? i need to do some at the end of january and i was just wandering if there was much about?
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Amy Brown
28 September 2007 @ 02:46 pm
3 months after coming home from Aus
My last entry was posted a week before leaving Australia, and its so funny reading it back. So many things have happened:

*Last week in Aus
I did not do as planned. I stayed longer at Home Hill as i needed the money, but finally left :) i did my Whitsundays trip which was awesome. I was on a boat called Wings and there was about 20 other people on it. Mostly girls! Firstly i thought "oh dear, this will be rubbish" but it was actually really good. We all had a laugh and all got on well. The crew were awesome too. I went Scuba Diving on the reef for the first time :) i was completely blown away and spent my last bit of money on another dive the next day. But my god it was worth it! The instructors were fantastic and showed us great places, and found lots of nemos :)
The night after the Whitsundays i went out with everyone that was on the boat ... and i got drunk!!!!!!!!! the next day i was sooo sick and ended up sleeping in the tv lounge of Beaches until my flight down to Sydney.
It was FREEZING in Sydney! i planned to stay in, pack and then go home the next day. But that never happens does it! I bumped into Mark who i lived with in Stanthorpe and we went out for ONE! i ended up getting back to my hostel 10 minutes before i had to check out the next day, VERY ill and hungover. I hadnt packed or anything. But somehow made it to the airport.
It was the worst flight home ever cos i was soooo hungover! there was a stop over in Singapore where i managed to scrape together enough money for a bed and a shower which was soooooo good.
Getting home was fantastic and definately needed. I think i partied a bit too much and it was good to eat normal food and be looked after!!!!!!!

This was the first big thing i came home for. and my god it was worth it!!!!! Me, Dad and Adam went down and camped over as usual. We got Centre Court tickets for the first day cos Tim was on. It rained until about 230 but then he came on :) He was against Moya, the number 25 seed. It got to 5 sets and my voice was going and i was shattered. unfortunately they didnt finish the match due to bad light. We then looked at our fone and everybody had text us saying that me and adam were on the TV during all of the big points. I was walking up the street and people were saying "we saw you on the tele" which was awesome. We were VERY loud and getting into it ALOT! also, after the match we went down to speak to someone i met that day and JOHN MCENROE came out of the commentry box and spoke to us! he signed my ball, as Federer had done that day also!
We won tickets for the Thursday in the public ballot and thanks to the rain Tim was playing again :) Unfortunately he lost to Lopez. But afterwards i met Jimmy Connors which was awesome!!!! he was so so lovely.

I was a bridesmaid to my mates wedding on 7th July. And il tell you what, being a bridesmaid is the best job ever!!!! you get a dress, all dolled up - all for free - first dibs on food, loadsa booze, no hard stressful job to do and all for free!!! i got sooo drunk and had an ace time :)

I went to see them in Liverpool for the Summer Pops thing and it was awesome. Probably the best gig ive been to cos the set list was the best ever, all the songs were my favourites and they were just awesome as per usual :)
I went to see them last night too in Wolverhampton. The set was good but the atmosphere was terrible. We were seated on the balcony and they told us that we could not stand!!!! wotever!!! oh i stood and just ignored the bloke telling us to sit down, i mean as if!!!!!!! but we are going again to nottingham, manchester and brum so im sure they will make up for it :)

*Davis Cup
This was Tim Henmans last professional appearance. It was good to see him Wup a**e but i was devastated to see him go. BUT i met him and got a foto with him which made me the happiest woman ALIVE!!!! :-D Andy and Jamie Murray were good though and i can follow them, but it wont be the same as Tim :(

I cant remember wot else ive been up to since coming back, but im gonna try and keep this updated!!!!

Best go and do some work now

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Amy Brown
05 June 2007 @ 07:28 pm
Picking watermelons and the reef
I am waiting for some photos to upload so i thought id post something...

Im back in Home Hill now picking watermelons. I was here for 3 weeks then met shelley for 2 weeks and now im back for a week (I think). Its like i havent been away, im in the same room and working at the same farm with the same people. Its ace though - other than the picking watermelons part!!!! Met loads of ace people here and will be gutted to leave them - that is if i dont change all my plans, mess everything up and go on a road trip with them!!!!!

The 2 weeks Shelley was over was ace. We went horse riding in the rain forest and on a beach. My horse Maverick (Mav) was ace, we had a good chat going through the rain forest :) also went to the Great Barrier Reef which i have wanted to do for as long as i can remember. I was worried about getting disapointed but that did not happen. I was blown away, i didnt want to leave. Was slightly sea sick but got over that as soon as i found Nemo :-) Shelley and Paul were ill so got a helicopter back to Cairns at lunch time - the pictures are amazing, definately doing that when im next there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unfortunately it rained everyday (just my luck) but it meant i could catch up on Lost which is soooooo good now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Met up with Chris that i worked with in Stanthorpe when i was in Cairns which was cool, got very drunk though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now back in Home Hill. It was so good to see everyone again, and again got very drunk. Met up with Andy aswell who was also in Stanthorpe. I realise these names mean nothing to anybody but il know when i read this back :)

So the plan now........god only knows!!!!!!!!!!! the current plan is work til the weekend, Whitsundays on monday, Oz Experience up to Cairns, fly down to Sydney then home - AAAAHHHH!!! i will be so excited, so strange to think i will be going home!!!!!!!! its a wierd feeling though cos im also gonna find it hard to leave Aus even though its just for a month, i love it here and all the people in it!!!!!!

Right, photos are uploaded so gonna go, bin on the net for flippin ages!!

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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Amy Brown
18 May 2007 @ 06:08 pm
Since i last wrote a lot has happened and i am now in Home Hill working :-/ but i thought i should put something about Fraser which has been by far the best time i have had since coming to Australia!!!!

There is no where near enough time to write about it all so i will put the main points:

Arrived in Hervey Bay which is a bit dull, stayed in Koalas. On the Oz Experience bus i got talking to Christian who was doing the same thing with Koalas on the same day so asked if i wanted to go with him and his mates which i said yes to cos they seemed fun. So we went to the meeting the day before, watched a video then went to do our shopping for food and boose.

Sunday morning we had to be outside for 645 where we had to check everything and pack our stuff away. Then we were off :) We caught the ferry which took about an hour and it rained!!! We were all a bit gutted cos thought that it would rain when we were there but thanfully it didnt rain once after the ferry!!!

We were on a self drive thing so there was the 9 of us, a 4WD and camping gear, let loose on Fraser Island for 2 nights 3 days.

The island is the biggest sand thing in the world and there is sand EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! We had to drive on the beach and stuff which was so so cool. I got to drive and loved it. you had to make sure you didnt go in the sea though cos the salt would rot the car and we would loose our bond.

It was well bumpy driving everywhere and the boys didnt exactly drive slow but it was fun!!!!

The first day was ace, we went for a walk, to a lake...ummmmm...cant remember wot else we did. But the best part of that day was the camping. We sent up the tents and stuff on the beach, had a BBQ and then all lay on the beach looking at the stars. We saw the most amazing shooting star, couldnt believe it, it was so awesome!!! the sky was full of star and the milky way went right across it. The only bad thing about camping was the toilet. You had to go in a group cos the dingos would come and get you. wen one wee'd you needed 2 on guard!!!

The second day we woke up on the beach which was gorgeous, could easily get used to that. We went to Indian Heads and saw sharks, dolphins and manta rays!!!!! (time is running out so gotta be quick now). That night we camped away from everyone else so it would be quiter and it was really good. We were all debating about ghosts and religion and stuff and watching the stars again and playing stupid games which was so funny.

The third day we got up for the sun rise which was stunning!! i then went for a walk on my own cos was awake and started chatting to this fisherman. I told him i had never fished before so he gave me his spare rod and i was fishing, it was ace!! but didnt catch anything :( we went to Lake McKenzie which was stunning!!! the lake was perfectly clear and with white sandy beaches, was soooo nice. We were all swimming and snorkelling, skinny dipping in the middle of the day (girls only!!)! then we were just sun bathing and talking about crap. I didnt wanna leave :(

Was quite stressful getting to the ferry though cos our fuel was gonna run out, but it didnt thank god!!! we had run out of food so didnt wanna get stuck on the island!!! but got back fine and had the long awaited shower - by far the best shower i have ever had in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was fraser which seems ages ago!! im now in Home Hill picking watermelons - boooo! but today has put a stop to my melon picking as i tore a muscle in my arm so cant do my last 3/4 days work before my mate comes over from england. so next is brisbane to meet shelley, 2 weeks of fun, whitsundays, hopefully a week of work, up to Cairns on Oz Experience and then Sydney and home for a month :) then flying back to melbourne for some proper work which does not involved any type of picking and definately no watermelons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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